Triangular stroller storage bag




7 Pockets

✔ 2 Insulation pockets : for baby bottles

✔ 1 zipper tissue pocket : for tissue , phone ,cards

✔ 2 front pockets : for baby clothing ,diapers,blankets and extra clothes

✔ 2 side pockets

Separated Bag

It is useful for wet clothing ,umbrella

Tissue Pocket

When the baby accidentally knocks over the milk or water cup, you can quickly find the tissue without having to look for it lots of baby items

Tin Foil Bags

The 2 holders with insulation layer of tin foil can keep warm for about 2-4 hours.

Two Front Convenient Storage Pocket

Includes two long zippered pockets and an easy-view mesh pocket that can store large and bulky items.

2 Side Mesh Pocket

You can put the baby Things like toys ,larger water bottles

Adjustable Straps Fasten to The Stroller

Waterproof Material



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